Spring has sprung!

I really love this time of year. The sun comes out making it feel a little warmer (most of the time!) and the spring flowers and animals make an appearance. It really gets me in the mood for getting my camera out and capturing some of the natural wonders in photographs!

I have spent the morning walking along a beautiful (if slightly chilly) beach in West Sussex. The tide was right out allowing me to walk along the sand (a bit of treat when all the beaches are pebbly around here!)  I spent a while watching the crows picking up the pebbles and  throwing them to the beach – a fascinating sight.

crow stood on a pebble beach

I then decided to continue my walk around a lovely little park – where you are always guaranteed to see a grey squirrel or two.  I was in luck, a couple of playful squirrels decided to come out and pose for the camera!

Grey squirrel surrounded by spring flowers.

All in all a lovely day to be out and about enjoying the world around us! I also managed to get some lovely new nature photographs to add to my collection!

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