One for sorrow.

So, this evening I sat down to sort and edit some of the nature photographs taken last week on my gorgeous spring walk. I had taken a couple of hundred shots so it can be a bit of daunting task going through them all.

I was quite pleased with the quality of the crow photographs. I have often found them difficult to capture – with their black feathers, black beaks and dark eyes that can easily vanish into a bird shaped silhouette.

With my camera set to spot metering, I positioned myself between the sun and the crow. The sun was in a great position, creating catchlights in the eye of the bird. This position also allowed me to pick up the details and textures of the feathers. Scrolling through the various frames, I was chuffed to see my planning and patience had paid off!

So imagine my surprise when I came across this image:

Crow on a beach

In case you haven’t spotting what this animal is up to I will zoom in for you!


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