Photographing Frogs and Toads

Spring is the time to look out for some of our cold blooded friends – frogs and toads. It is this time of year as the weather is warming up that they come out of hibernation and head to the nearest pond to start breeding. I have spent a few weeks on the look out, attempting to photograph frogs. It has been very frustrating as I had not been having any luck.

So imagine how excited I was when visiting some local public gardens. I was out enjoying the lovely spring weather when I was lucky enough to spot some frogs and toads! They have 2 ponds in this particular garden, one is full of coy carp and the other is left more natural.

It is a relatively small pond and a brief rustle in the grasses quickly caught my attention. I stood and watched for a while and then noticed it was these two toads moving around.

Two toads in a pond

Then, after waiting (and waiting) the sun came out from behind some clouds, encouraging these little fellas to make an appearance!

A line of frogs in a pond

I was very excited to see them and to capture some lovely reptile photographs!

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