Pop goes the weasel!

I took a walk along a river the other day. It was a truly stunning spring day with a clear blue sky and feeling really warm. I was out trying to get some more good photographs of the wildfowl. I had already got some lovely swan photos, so was wandering to see what else I could capture.

Anyway, time was short and I was setting off back to the car, when out the corner of my eye I spotted a small furry creature moving.

The wildlife photographer in me stopped and pointed my camera at the spot where I had seen it.

I honestly thought I had missed my chance. There were a lot of people around and many of them had dogs, so I thought the small creature had been well and truly scared off.

However I don’t give up and my patience was rewarded! Out of his hole popped this little fella – which I later identified as a Weasel. How cute is he?


weasel coming out of its hole in the grass

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