Beautiful photography in the Heart of the Sussex Downs…..

In the middle of the West Sussex countryside lies a picturesque little town that goes by the name of Arundel. This is one of my favourite places to visit with my camera. I swear it is impossible not to get a great photograph here! On my last visit I decided to take a walk around Swanbourne Lake to see what wildlife I might encounter. I sat and watched the wildfowl for a while, but today I was not planning to take my usual nature photography.

As you approach this wonderful town from the south, you come down the hill to the view of the imposing castle and Cathedral buildings.

These structures dominate the skyline and are just a couple of the features which make this town so lovely to visit.

I wanted to start by taking a closer look at the Hiorne Tower, a building I had looked at from afar on many occasions but never seen close up. This triangular structure was built by Francis Hiorne in the 18th Century. It was a test set by the Duke of Norfolk who was looking for an architect to rebuild Arundel Castle.

Hiorne Tower, Arundel castle park estate, West Sussex

I took the footpath down into the town, and decided to get some close up shots of the Cathedral. It really is an amazing building!

Arundel cathedra entrancel

Although architecture is not usually the subject of my photographs, it was fun to spend a sunny spring morning enjoying this pretty town.



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