How do you get a reluctant reader too enjoy a book?

Today is Children’s book day, so it seemed appropriate to talk about the books my kids are currently reading! It also makes a change from talking about my latest photography project.

My eldest daughter is 7 and a reluctant reader! However, lately we have found a series of books that she loves and is obsessed with. She cannot get enough of the goosebumps series of books by R.L.Stine. She has alway enjoyed being “scared” and these books have the right level of thrill without traumatising her.

goosebumps copy.jpg

My youngest is 5 and just starting out on her reading journey. Her favourites at the moment are the noddy alphabet books as they give her a chance to practise her phonics and tricky words in books outside of school.

Noddy books.jpg

I love reading and I really hope that the kids are starting to develop that same love. I think if we can continue to find books that inspire and interest them it will happen!

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