A stroll by the river

I love where I live! There are so many places that are truly stunning on my doorstep – so many photo opportunities! Last week as the first spring weather was appearing I decided to take a walk beside the River Arun. This beautiful walk started in Littlehampton and took me along the winding  river walk to Arundel. Today I was going to do some landscape photography.

The start of this walk follows the river towards Ford and you feel like you will never make it to Arundel as the castle is behind you! However you soon follow a bend and head in the right direction.

There is a great diversity of wildlife that can be spotted along the river, Kingfishers, Swans and Egrets to name a few.

The path is even and it is an easy and pleasant walk!

On the approach to Arundel you are rewarded with some lovely views of the town and surrounding countryside.

Arundel castle and Cathedral

There are so many lovely features, both natural and man-made that makes for an interesting encounter and some inspiring photographs.


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