April is Decorating month!

If I am honest I am only just discovering this bizarre celebration! We are without realising honouring this tradition in the Sadler household, as we have just finished sprucing up our tired hallway!

FullSizeRender 6

It has been about seven years since we last attempted this nightmare room! We had done a really quick coat of paint on it the last time and it was really looking a little sad. For so many years we have been putting off doing this job properly – with so many doors and such high walls it was a daunting task.


However with the other half having a few days off work, and the kids being old enough to entertain themselves we decided it was time to face it. We chose a lovely subtle shade of “duck egg” for the walls. The debate is still on as to whether this is pale blue or pale green, and to be honest it changes with the light.  I am pleased to say we are very happy with the results!


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