My Top 5 Wildfowl photographs

I thought as I am always photographing birds, that I would share my top 5 photographs of wildfowl birds. I have a huge number of wildfowl images on file, and it was only when I decided to post this countdown  that I realised how many I am actually quite proud of! So here are my current favourites….

Number 5

To start off this countdown I am including this female mallard duck. You can’t really go wrong with this common bird, often seen with the colourful male mate close by. I love the angle of the bird in this image – it really looks as if she is about to say something!

mallard duck.jpg

Number 4

Next on my list is the colourful mandarin duck. I love the reflection of the bird in the water in this particular photograph.

mandarin duck

Number 3

The next spot is going to the elegant swan. I know I have written a separate blog about the swan, but I couldn’t not include it here. So to mix it up I am showing my favourite abstract image of a swan.

Close up of a swan's beak

Number 2

Coming in second place is this close up of the Canada Goose. I was really pleased with this image – capturing the bird enjoying some leaves!

cananda goose

Number 1

Claiming the top spot of my favourite wildfowl photograph is this one of the a duckling. I know I have already featured a Mallard Duck, but who can resist the cute and fluffy baby ducks?!

Mallard duckling

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a taster of my wildfowl images. If you are interested in seeing more of my images they can be viewed in the gallery in my shop

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