Photographing the great spotted woodpecker

Yesterday I was very excited to finally capture a photograph of a woodpecker.

I have spent many weeks trying to get this photograph and failing miserably!

Every time I have visited a wooded area I would stop and listen for that familiar tap tap tapping. I have been fortunate to hear them on several occasions lately. Each time I would spend ages tracking them to a particular tree then stand and stare aimlessly.

Until today, when I spotted some movement…then a flash of red….and then I got it!

Great Spotted Woodpecker

This is a female Great Spotted Woodpecker, identified by the black crown. The male birds have a red patch on their heads.

It was a tricky photograph to take as this small, quick moving bird played havoc with my autofocus! So I was very excited to finally capture this image.

Anyway, if you have been enjoying my blogs celebrating strange days of the year, you are going to love tomorrow’s post!  Watch this space….

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