Look up to the sky day

Today is another strange celebratory day – look up to the sky day! If you want to find out more about why – see here. 

Otherwise, why don’t you join me in celebrating the day though photographs, that are taken looking up to the sky.

Abstract photography 

We start with my abstract shot of the sun. I like this one a lot. I think it is the way the clouds are drifting past the sun, creating an eerie effect!

Abstract photography of the sun

Flying Bird photographs

Next up we have a flying bird shot. This one I photographed this week. It is the Great Egret in flight. I managed to photograph this one after it became startled on the banks of the River Arun. It flew right past me – such a large but elegant bird.

Great Egret in flight

Photographing the solar eclipse

Finally, here is an older photograph. It is of the partial solar eclipse which took place in the uk in 2015. The day of the eclipse was so cloudy and I think many of us weren’t expecting to see it. So it was a real treat when the clouds began to burn off and we caught a few glimpses of it!

solar eclipse

So if you haven’t already why don’t  you take a look to the sky and see what you can see today!

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