Photographing the nuthatch bird

The other day a wrote about capturing an image of a woodpecker. On this same trip, I also managed to photograph this little chappy. 


It was after I had taken a few photographs of the woodpecker, and she had disappeared behind a branch. I was staring up at the tree hoping to spot it again when a smaller bird caught my eye. 

I recognised this as a bird I had not photographed before so clicked away. At this point, I’ll be honest I did not know what I was photographing! I wondered if it might be another species of woodpecker initially. 

I watched a couple of these birds for a while, hoping along the branch, poking their beaks into the bark (looking for insects to eat) and then disappearing into a small hole in the tree. 

Coming home, I dug out my trusted copy of Collins Bird Guide and started flicking through the pages. This was when I discovered what it was I was looking at. I confirmed my siting with the RSPB website, which also said this bird can be confused with a woodpecker. Good to know I was not completely off track! 

Something I have only just discovered is that the great spotted woodpecker is a predator to nuthatch nests. This pieces together with my sightings of these two bird species in the same tree. 


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