Combating photographers block

Like most hobbies and interests, there are times when I am really not inspired to take photographs. This can be really frustrating if it falls on a day I have to myself. 

I have come up with some tricks to help me get past my photographers block and thought I’d share them with you today. 

  • Go somewhere different. When I revisit the same places I find I can become too familiar, and don’t really see the wonderful world around us. By visiting a new place I have to be more alert (to work out where I’m going!) and find I see more details and spot more interesting things. 
  • Make a list. I keep various notebooks containing information about my photography, and within one of these books I list the things I would like to photograph and places I want to visit. I list these things while I’m feeling creative and inspired. That way on those days I’m not “feeling it” I can browse these notes and see if something works!
  • Browse photo galleries. looking through photo galleries on sites such as Flickr and Instagram can really help to reinspire me when I have a block. It can also connect me with other amazing photographers out there. 
  • Pick subjects you wouldn’t normally photograph. As you probably know if you’ve read my blog before, I love taking images of nsture and wildlife. If I’m really struggling for inspiration I will go and find a diode rent subject. If I’m feeling really daring I might even push myself out of my comfort zone and do some street photography! 
  • Enter a competition.  I love entering my images into competitions. The great thing about that is you are given a theme. It can be great fun coming up with ideas to fit those themes, and again can get you photographing things you may not normally consider. 

I hope that these tips might inspire you next time you have a creativity block. 

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