Visiting a nature reserve

This week I decided to visit a local RSBP nature reserve, Pulborough Brooks. I had not been to this venue before and was very excited to visit somewhere new. 

 view across Pulborough Brooks  
I had done some homework before I went and found out that they were famous for their visiting nightingales so I was hopeful that I might see one. 

This particular reserve is on the heart of the Sussex downs and boasts spectacular views across wetlands to the neighbouring villages and countryside. 

 pulborough nature reserve 
It wasn’t long before I was rewarded with a siting of the nightingale. With the help of the volunteers at the reserve, who had spotted it and pointed it out to me, I was able to get a photograph of this tuneful little bird. 

Again the limitations of my telephoto lens became apparent, but by shooting in RAW I have been able to crop a little bit. 

The reserve have down a lovely job of giving information to visitors. As you go around there are chalk boards, telling you what to look for in each area. They also give you fascinating facts such as the myths and legends associated with each species. 

It was a lovely day out, and the variety of birds there was to see was amazing.  I would highly recommend it if you have not been! 

Portrait of Sara Sadler- Photographer


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