St.Georges day – a celebration: my tenuous top 5

So, today is St. Georges day, the patron saint of England. I feel we don’t really celebrate this day properly, unlike our fellow nations who make up the United Kingdom. So, in no particular order here is my small and tenuous tribute to St. George.

1. George and his (bearded) dragon


You weren’t expecting to see a real dragon were you? They are very shy creatures so are particularly difficult to photograph. The tend to only surface when there is a princess in distress and a knight in shining armour around. So the beardie will have to do (we’ll just ignore the fact that they are native to Australia!)

2. The Wren


Although England doesn’t have a specific feathered friend associated with it, this little bird has historically featured in England’s culture. The Farthing (a pre-decimalisation coin) featured this little bird.

3. Booze

There’s no getting away from it we are a nation of drinkers. It would be wrong to not feature in my list!

4. The Rose


The red Rose has been a symbol of England throughout history. The rose was  most famously used symbolically in the 15th Century during the “war of the roses”.

5. Tea

If it’s too early for a “proper” drink then we will always have a cup of tea instead! Speaking of which – I think I hear the kettle boiling……..

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