I have a new “toy”

I am so excited! I have treated myself to a new lens!

I love macro photography as it gets you looking at everyday things in a whole new light. Zooming in close to objects, whether they are natural or man made, can reveal patterns and textures that you don’t always see with the naked eye. 

When you see these shapes and textures so close and isolated from the larger environment, it can look like a strange new unexplored world! 

For quite a while now I have been using a Raynox-150 clip on adapter. It has been good fun to use and play around with close up photography, but it does have its limitations.

This week I decided it was time to upgrade. I have purchased the Canon 100mm macro lens and so far I’m loving the results. I’m yet to properly “play” but   thought I would share a couple of my initial images with this lens.



white flower.jpg

I’m really looking forward to using it some more and seeing what images I can get from it! So watch this space……

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