Round up of the week

I thought today I would recap on my last seven days of photography. I’ve shared some lovely images in the last week, so incase you’ve missed anything, here are the blogs.


Amazing photography! Having a look at the wonderful work created by other people.

My new favourite photograph A new photograph of mine that I am particularly proud of!

White faced whistling ducks….. A closer look at this colourful bird.

St.Georges day – a celebation: my tenuous top 5 A fun tribute in photographs.

Photographing the Falcated Teal duck Another unusual bird in photographs

Photographing the great tit and the blue tit birds A closer look at these common garden birds.

Photographing the gold crest bird A new spotting for me.

Portrait of Sara Sadler- Photographer


I am a nature and wildlife photographer based in the South of England. I enjoy sharing my photographic adventures and photography hints and tips.

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