Let’s celebrate BBQ month!

As the sun is finally shining here in the UK, today seems like an appropriate day to mention that it is Barbecue month.

So it’s time to clean up the grills and get outside, and light those coals in celebration of this sunny day in May.

A flame burning the barbecue coals

Lighting the Barbecue

Now, I’m a very lucky lady as I have a husband who has the “drum-be-que”, knows his spices, has a “collection’ of chilli peppers, and has real food smoking skills. There is a slight drawback to all this – I am a vegetarian!

Meat cooking on a barbecue

Basting the meat

I know he would love to have someone to share his briskets, ribs and pulled pork with, but unfortunately that is not me!

On the up side though he is a wonder at making vegetarian alternatives. So I still get to appreciate the wonderful barbecue flavours!


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