Over the hill and far away….or the not so ugly ducklings

We are well and truly into spring now and where-ever you look there is evidence of it. Whether it is the spring flowers or the baby animals – it is safe to say the season is in full swing.

So this week I went in search of some baby birds. Ducklings make for a very cute reminder of the season and it wasn’t long before I was rewarded with a siting.

A cute baby mallard bird

Mallard Duckling

I decided to visit the WWT in Arundel as I figured that there was a high chance of spotting some baby birds.

I watched this mother duck and her babies for quick a while. They were very cute mallard ducklings and were dutifully following their mother. It made an adorable site watching them waddling along in a line!

Mallard ducklings following their mother

A line of ducklings

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