Over the hill and far away….the goslings

As baby bird photographs are just too cute, I could resist doing another post on them (and we are back to the cute ones today!)

So, I thought I would share these ridiculously cute and fluffy baby Greylag geese. I think these goslings are the cutest of of the baby birds so far, they look so fluffy!

Baby Greylag Goose

Greylag Gosling looking for food.

Now as cute as they are, I won’t lie their parents did concern me slightly. They were walking along the path towards me, so I kept my distance and gave them their space. However these curious goslings decided to walk right up to me, at which point mummy and daddy goose decided to threaten me! I thought now was the time to back away slowly….!

Greylag goose adult protecting the goslings

Adult Greylag goose


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