Doe a deer….

Today I attempted to stalk some deer! Petworth Park is well known for having fallow deer wandering around the grounds.  As I haven’t been for a couple of years I decided it was time to take another visit.

I did wonder on a couple of occasions today whether I was going to make it to Petworth, let alone find any deer to photograph. On my way over there I discovered that the A284 was partially closed, causing me to divert a few miles out of my way. Not a major problem, just a little inconvenient!

I manage to get to Petworth Park, and discovered that the car park charges have gone up. Determined to stay and photograph deer I approach a lovely couple walking their dog, and asked if they could give a crazy stranger 40p. They helped me out (love them!)

Finally on my way, I take a stroll into the park, it doesn’t take me long to spot a herd of deer so I wander over to them.

This park belongs to the National Trust and receives many visitors each year, so the deer are quite used to people, and were not concerned as I approached them.

I stood watching them for some time, getting some lovely photographs of them relaxing in the warm sun.

Fallow deer at Petworth Park

Fallow Deer

They really are beautiful creatures and I enjoyed my day walking in the sun watching them!

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