The Magnificent Kestrel

While out on my deer searching adventure the other day I took a little detour. I have already explained that I was not have much luck with road closures and parking, so I didn’t spend long at the deer park.

My detour took me to an area of heathland about 2 miles south of Petworth. Apparently this area is special for its breeding crickets – and although I heard many crickets I did not see any!

Enjoying my walk abound the sandy heath, something caught my eye flying in the distance. Now I couldn’t really make out what I was looking at but by its size I could tell it was some sort of bird of prey.

I grabbed the camera and started tracking it across the sky. I wasn’t holding out much hope of getting a good photograph, as I have never been quick enough for them in the past!

While following this bird, to my surprise it started to fly towards me, I managed to contain my excitement and was really pleased with the result. My favourite of the photographs I captured was this one of the Kestrel flying past me.

Kestrel in flight.

Kestrel in flight

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