Lord’s Piece

The other day I mentioned that I spotted a Kestrel on a walk through some heathland. I thought I would share some pictures of the heathland today.

I visited Lord’s Piece (a brilliantly strange English place name!) which makes up part of the Barlavington Estate, just south of Petworth in West Sussex.

This area is a sit of important scientific interest, and houses the rare British Field Crickets. The environment provides the perfect place for the crickets to breed, and has enabled the cricket populations to grow.

As I walked through the heath I could hear the distinctive “chirping” sound of the crickets, but did not actually see any.

So instead to trying to see the crickets I decided to enjoy a walk on the health, where I was rewarded with some lovely views.

Lord's Piece, near Petworth, West Sussex

Pond and heathland at Lord’s Piece.


View across the south downs from Lord's Piece

Lord’s Piece, West Sussex

Portrait of Sara Sadler- Photographer


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