Hoverfly or wasp?

Just as the lovely sunny weather disappears here in the UK, I decide to write a piece about a  garden visitor which is very common on warm summer days! But what is it you are looking at? Do you know if it is a hoverfly or wasp?

Today I thought I would share a recent photograph I captured of a Hoverfly. This little guy was resting on the bluebell flowers and feeding on the pollen. These are harmless garden visitors that help to pollinate our flowers. 

Hoverfly or wasp? This is a Hoverfly feeding from a bluebell flower

Hoverfly feeding from a bluebell flower

Hoverfly or wasp?

These flying friends are often confused with wasps, but there are some distinct differences.  Hoverflies have shorter antenna and more rounded heads than wasps. They also don’t sting. For more information on these differences I found a very informative article here.


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