The Periwinkle Flower

This flower, Dartington Star (var. oxyloba) is very distinctive and beautiful. With its rich purple colouring and thin star shaped petals it makes for one of natures loveliest flowers.

The periwinkle flower var. oxyloba

This plant loves shady spots, and it was beneath some trees at Highdown Gardens that I discovered it. Highdown Gardens is a lovely public gardens on the outskirts of Worthing in West Sussex. It is one of my favourite spots to watch the seasons changing through the flowers.

However beautiful it may be, it can be a problem for gardeners as once planted it can take hold and spread. One of the alternative names it goes by is ground ivy, which suggests it can be a problem!

I just love the colour of this flower and really enjoy seeing them at Highdown.

For more flower photography is available to view in my portfolio.


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