Those Awkward Teenage years.

A while ago I posted a few blogs about the cute baby birds that had appeared during spring. One of these birds was the greylag gosling. A ridiculously cute fluffy yellow bird!

This week I revisited the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in Arundel. It was not a leisurely photo walk however, as it is half term and we were there to entertain the kids! Although I did manage to get a couple of bird photos captured as I did have my camera with me (how could I not?)

There were many greylag geese families wandering around (getting a bit hissy and upset with the number of children about!) It was interesting to see how much the goslings have changed in a few weeks. They have transitioned from the cute baby stage into that gangly, out of proportion awkward teenager stage!

greylag gosling

This gosling is even giving me a “teenager stare”!

For more cute (and not so cute) baby bird pictures, visit my bird portfolio.


Portrait of Sara Sadler- Photographer


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