The sound of silence

Today was the first day to myself in 14 days! Now don’t get me wrong, I love my children dearly, but having spent the last 10 days in their company I was ready for a break!

So I set off with an appropriate ear worm rattling around my head (“The Sound of Silence”….the new disturbed cover, rather than the Simon and Garfunkle original!)

I decided to revisit Cissbury Ring in Worthing. This hill fort is an important historic site and now belongs to the National Trust. It is a beautiful area and there is always lots of wildlife to spot.

Daisy and Buttercup field at the top of Cissbury Ring, Worthing, West Sussex

Buttercup and Daisy field at the top of Cissbury Ring.                                                                 Technical info: Focal length: 12mm ISO 100 1/100 sec at f/11 Graduated filter applied.

It was a glorious warm morning, as I walked up the hill. However, it was quite hazy and there were threatening rain clouds in the distance.

Cissbury Ring, Worthing, West Sussex

View from Cissbury Ring.                                                                               Technical info: Focal length 100mm, ISO 500, 1/1000 at f/6.3

At I reached the very top of the hill, the clouds thickened and I began to think it might be time for a quick walk around the ring, and then head back.

The great British weather tried to get the better of me – but I think I won this one, as I started to drive out the the car park the first spots of rain fell on the windscreen. By the time I was home a full blown thunderstorm had arrived!

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