Adonis Blue

Yesterday I spent a lovely morning up on the chalky south downs, having a walk around Cissbury Ring.

One of the beautiful sitings I had was of the Adonis Blue butterfly. There were many of them flying around at speed in the warm sun. The lovely blue colouring made them easy to spot against the green grassland.

Adonis blue butterfly on the West Sussex downland.

Adonis blue butterfly at rest.                                                                       Technical info: Focal length 100mm, 1/1000 at f/6.3 ISO 500

It took me several attempts to get a photograph of this pretty butterfly, as they didn’t settle for very long.

This particular butterfly is a male Adonis Blue. The females are brown with black and orange spots. I love the colouring of the butterfly – so beautiful.


Portrait of Sara Sadler- Photographer


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