Nature Photography Day

Now here is a day I can truly relate to – and celebrate in a proper way! Nature photography – my favourite thing! This day started in America in 2006. The idea was get people outside and appreciating the natural world around them. So although I am based in the UK, I still feel this is a day I should be celebrating.

I have always enjoyed the great outdoors, but it is true that until I started photographing nature, I really didn’t “see” nature. Its not until you spend time, slowing down watching the birds and bugs, that you really  see the range of colour and pattern that surrounds us.

It is now a slight obsession of mine to see if I can find a species of plant or animal that I haven’t photographed before – I’m a nature photograph collector!

Robin Red breast bird with insects in its beak

Robin gathering food. (Technical info: focal length: 300mm 1/800 at f/5.6 ISO 640)


Bluebells in soft focus

Spanish Bluebells (Technical info: focal length 100mm, 1/1000 at f/2.8, ISO100)

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Portrait of Sara Sadler- Photographer


I am a nature and wildlife photographer based in the South of England. I enjoy sharing my photographic adventures and photography hints and tips.

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