Clean your aquarium day

Today is all about making sure your aquatic friends are in a happy and heathy environment. Clean your aquarium day was set up as a reminder to make sure that fish keepers have cleaned the tank recently, preventing build up of algae and keep the water in the best condition for the fish.

In celebration I thought I was share a an old photograph I captured at the London Aquarium. It features a lumpfish, which granted you will not find in your home tanks, but this fella was in an aquarium so I thought is still counts!

The lumpfish, in their natural habitat are found in cold marine waters, mainly in the North Pacific.They also live in the Artic and North Atlantic oceans. They are bottom dwellers have brilliant camouflage – blending in with the sea floor.

In this photograph the lumpfish is seen with the aptly named Purple Sea Urchin.

Lumpfish and Purple Sea Urchin at London Aquarium

Lumpfish and Purple Sea Urchin at London Aquarium (Technical info: focal length 35mm, 1/20 at f/4.5, ISO 500)

So if you have an aquarium, and you are now thinking “when did I last clean it out” – maybe today is the day!

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