Happy Father’s Day!

Today in the UK we celebrate fathers day. A day when we get to say thank you for all those wonderful things our dads do for us, or to remember those brilliant dads who are no longer with us.

The reason for this post was really to have a bit of a rant though. Why is it that father’s day is not seen as such an important day as mother’s day? I know on an individual level we do all appreciate our families, but in society dads just aren’t appreciated. They are always portrayed as the “clowns”, people who shouldn’t be allowed to look after the kids, because who knows what trouble they will get into!

The my kids schools don’t seem to acknowledge father’s day either. Each year I get a beautiful handmade card mother’s day – demonstrating another new skill or craft that my kids have learnt. Each year the day before fathers day I run around the house looking for pens, pencils and motivation, attempting to get the kids to make cards for their dad. A lot of effort goes into these cards, but they are never the same as ones they make at school, mainly because I don’t keep a supply of glue, paper, coloured paper, glitter, embroidery threads and the like to make the work of art!

I could understand it if the school wanted to avoid any difficult situations where there may  not be a father on the scene, but couldn’t this apply to the mother too? The schools hold so much information about our family situations so it wouldn’t be hard to tactfully avoid upsetting a child. Either that or they could stop acknowledging mother’s day too (although I must admit I would really miss those lovely cards!)

I know my kids are very lucky to have their amazing dad in their lives, it’s the small things they love, like yesterday teaching my eldest to play Xbox games, or “taking the train” up to bed. They are not always great at telling him they love him, I think he know it really!

So to all those amazing dads out there who might be feeling a little under appreciated, I hope you enjoy your day and breaking with convention here is are some flowers for you!


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