National Camera Day

It would be very remiss of me not to celebrate this day! This is a day all about taking photographs, whether you own a DSLR or love to take pictures on your smart phone. With digital photography it is easier than ever to snap a picture.

Now, I have actually spent the day at my day job, and although I did have my camera with me (filming the whoosh bottle experiment…..but that is another story) I did not actually get any photographs taken!

So I thought I would just share a selection of my recent favourites with you…

Close up of a hoverfly feeding from a dandelion flower.

Hoverfly macro. (Technical info: focal length 100mm, 1/200 at f/8, ISO 640)

First up is this close up of a hoverfly. I have already shared one post about hoverflies, but I was particularly pleased with how this image came out with the tongue out licking  up the pollen!

A cygnet of the trumpeter swan with an open beak.

A young Trumpeter swan. (Technical info: focal length 300mm, 1/500 at f/8, ISO 400)

Next up is another photograph of the Trumpeter cygnet, just because they are unbelievably cute! Again I have already shared one image of these cute animals here, but I don’t think I really need an excuse to share another one!

Now – go out and take some photographs in celebration…….!

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