Following my own advice

Seeing as it was national meadows day  on Saturday,  I thought I would follow my own advice and go out and find a meadow.

I decided to head over to Ditchling Beacon as I haven’t been up there for years, and I had heard on social media that the poppies were out up there.

I parked up in the Stammer park estate car park and decided to walk up towards the beacon.

I was quickly rewarded with some stunning meadows, with butterflies all over the place. No sign of any poppies though.

I had a lovely walk which took me through woods and meadows and managed to capture some lovely nature photographs. There were some spectacular views overlooking Brighton too.

On my way back to the car, in the distance I eventually spotting some poppies, but as time was short I had to settle for this distance shot of the field of red.

Poppies in Field at Ditching Beacon

Poppy field.

Portrait of Sara Sadler- Photographer


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