More fun at “Duckland”

Last week I spent another glorious day at WWT Arundel (fondly renamed “Duckland” by a friend’s son – and the name has stuck!)

The young birds are still very much in abundance, so I have a collection of juvenile birds to share with you.

This first one I love! It is a juvenile Common Goldeneye Duck checking out a Black Necked Swan cygnet. I love that the Goldeneye was watching nervously as the cygnet drifted over towards it. It was understandably nervous as the adult swans were stood nearby warning off any birds that came close to their young.

Juvenile Goldeneye Duck with Black necked Swan cygnet.

Two young birds. (Technical info: focal length 220, 1/640 at f/5, ISO 320)

Another young bird I discovered was a juvenile Swallow. Hidden inside one of the bird watching hides was a swallow’s nest. Four young  birds were leaving the nest and flying around the hide.

Juvenile Swallow.

Young swallow (Technical info: focal length 150mm, 1/80 at f/5.0, ISO 1250)

Last but not least I am sharing a juvenile Eurasian Common Scoter. These are sea birds, and during courting, the males “scoot” across the surface of the water.

Juvenile Eurasian Common Scoter.

Juvenile Eurasian Common Scoter. (Technical Info: Focal length 150mm, 1/800 at f/5, ISO 400)

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