Tulip wins bronze award.

Still life photography

I have been having a play around with some high key still life photography and was recently lucky enough to receive a bronze award for one of them. I chose some tulips and carnation flowers as my subjects and set them against a white background. Flowers make for a great subject when playing with still life. They are naturally beautiful and can create interesting compositions. I chose to make this image a hi-key with the white background to enhance the colours of the flower.  

I used a photography light tent and lit the scene using a couple of powerful lamps. The light tent diffused the light to reduce the specular lighting on the petals.

It took a while to set the correct level of light in order to light the subject well without blowing out the whites or creating distracting shadows.

Bronze award for tulip flower.

One of my favourite images from this series was of a single tulip. I love the way the colours look even more vivid against the plain white background. I was very pleased to hear this week that this image was awarded a bronze bar from the Guild of Photographers, taking my total up to 5 bronze awards this year.

Single tulip flower set against white background.

High key tulip flower wins a bronze award.

Buy an award-winning image.

This single tulip flower is perfect for decorating many of the products at my Redbubble shop. I felt the simple, yet beautiful nature of this single flower lent itself wonderfully to the photo products available. These can be viewed here.

Tulip Laptop skin being modelled

Laptop skin with a colourful tulip design.

Learn more about still life photography

If you have enjoyed seeing my still life floral image, you may be interested in learning more. I have just discovered this interesting article on the different types of still life photography. Check it out here.

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