High Key tulip flower snaps up prize in photo competition.

Last month I entered a couple of my photographs into the ephotozine monthly competition. The theme for June was “flowers” so my high key tulip flower seemed like the perfect choice.

High Key Tulip 

Here is the winning image:

Single High Key tulip flower set against white background.

High key tulip flower

Competition win

This week I discovered that one of my images, the high key single tulip flower,  was chosen to be one of 20 winners. It was very exciting  to receive the email letting me know I was one of the winners.

I also enjoy scrolling through the other entries into the competition to see all the other interpretations of the theme. Looking at the other shortlisted entries made me very proud of my achievements too because there were some very impressive images.

You can take a look at the competition page showing all the winning floral images here.

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