Floral photographs pick up three awards from the Guild of Photographers.

I am ridiculously excited as I write this, as I can now add to my collection of award winning photography. Today, I discovered that three of my single flower photographs have just been recognised by the Guild of Photographers.  All three floral images have been given a bronze award because they have met a high professional standard.

Nervous excitement

As I logged in to check the results from this months Guild awards, my heart was in my mouth! The Guild has such high standards which always makes nervous. It makes feel like a teenager collecting exam results all over again! This month I had a bit more riding on the results. This was because I am selling these images at the Christmas markets this year.

I always want to present my best work to my customers. As a result, knowing that these images have been recognised as reaching a professional standard makes me very happy and proud that I am selling a quality product.

Award winning photography

The three images I selected for review were the purple cornflower, pink geranium, and finally the African Daisy:

Award Winning Photography - Single Purple Cornflower

Single Purple Cornflower picks up bronze award


Award Winning Photography - Single pink geranium flower

Award Winning Photography – Single geranium floral art


Award Winning Photography - Single African daisy floral art

African daisy floral art – Award Winning Photography

Continuing the award trend.

This year I have been very fortunate to win several bronze awards for my photography. If you missed my previous blogs, you can read about some of my recent successes here and also  here.

Images you can buy

You can buy from me directly at the Christmas Markets. To find out more visit Facebook page, where you can find out where and when I am selling. Alternatively, visit my  Redbubble shop for a wider range of photographs and products.

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