Holiday fun over too quickly

Here in the UK the school half term holiday has just come to an end. And as a result so ends the quality family time that I love. While the kids were off school I decided to take a break from photography, to be able to spend more time with them. Now that they have returned to school I am feeling at a loose end! As much as I do enjoy the peaceful “me time”, I have found myself missing their company today.

Reflecting on Family Time.

I am so lucky that my job allows me to take time off with the kids and spend some quality time with them. Now having said that I am not one of those mums that fills every waking hour with an activity for their kids. I am a strong believer in kids needing to find their own entertainment. So every holiday I try to organise a mixture of fund days out, lazy days at home and catching up with friends and family. With only one week to fit it all in, half terms are particularly hectic.

This half term though, we managed to do it all and looking back it has been such a positive time for us all.

Fun days out

Autumn half term is full of potential places to visit, with many attractions running Halloween themed events. This year, I met up with some friends and we took the little ones to Tulleys Farm. I have heard really good things about their Spookfest, but never visited. I have to say I was really impressed! The kids were suitably spooked  (even down to my little one refusing to go into the crooked cottage*).

Earlier this year I went for a quad biking experience at this venue. It was a few buildings in the middle of some farmland and woods. So I was pleasantly surprised by the transformation that had taken place for this event. The buildings were really impressive. I felt like I was on a film set. There were so many activities for the kids (and grown ups) to enjoy. The day was concluded with a quick round of corn blasting, because what day is complete without some corn blasting?

Small child shooting corn at pumpins!

Quality family time – “Little one” shooting corn at pumpins!

One on one time

The other thing that made this half term special was having some one to one time with each of the kids. It can be challenging to give each child the time they want or need, but this week we managed it. The big one was treated to a cinema visit with her dad. In the meantime I chased the little one around in Toy Story 2 on the Xbox.

Later in the week I got to spend some quality time with the big one out in the woods on a forest school session. The day was filled with den building and toasting marshmallows. During this time the little one was taken out for a McDonalds breakfast with her dad.

Child toasting marshmallows over a campfire.

Back to reality

As much fun as it was, I have to accept it is time to get back to reality. It is time for the cold, dark school runs, the emotional homework sessions, and playing taxi service to the kids to get them to all their after school clubs. For me it is back to work and time to focus on my Christmas sales. I am excited about my business, as there is a lot going on and I have lots of new ideas. So having recharged our batteries we are looking forward to the next half term.

So on that note, I will l leave you with this thought…..45 days until Christmas! YAY!


*which in hindsight was probably for the best as it was me who ended up screaming in the face of the actor when he jumped out at us!

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