Capturing Great Photographs on a Crisp Autumn Day.

We are well and truly into the Autumn Season now, which can only mean one thing for a photographer – some amazing Autumn photography!

Crisp cold mornings

This week I have woken up to a beautiful frost covered world. I love the sight of the colourful autumnal leaves covering the ground covered in the glistening frost, with the sun low in the sky creating magical light. It is sights like this that inspire me to capture some new images.

Autumn Photography in Petworth Park 

It was on a day like that, this time last year that I spent a whole day at Petworth Park, West Sussex.

As I arrived at the park the sun was still quite low in the sky, and the mist was hanging low to the ground. It was a breathtaking sight. I wandered around for a while as my goal was to try and capture some of the fallow deer that roam in this space. I couldn’t help myself though and it wasn’t long before I found myself attempting to capture these stunning landscapes.

Landscape photography is not an area I usually dabble in, but I was quite pleased with some of the results.

Beautiful Autumn photography

Autumn colours reflected in a pond.

Fallow deer

It wasn’t long before I came across some fallow deer in the park. This was what I was here for! The deer are quite used to people wandering around so they do not startle too easily. This made it easier for me to get some shots. First, I had to decide which side of the deer I wanted to be, and typically the sun was behind them. So I walked a large ring around them to try and get some natural highlights from the sun to light their features. I had my Canon 75-300mm zoom lens attached to my camera so I was able to get in quite close to the animals without physically getting closer.

Once the sun burnt off the early morning mist, it turned out to be a pleasant warm autumn day. This just encouraged me to walk more of the 700 acre site. I came across many more deer on my walk, giving me plenty of more opportunities to get some lovely photographs.


Fallow deer in Autumn

Fallow deer sticking tongue out!


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