Unique Christmas Gifts

The Christmas season creeping up on us quicker than I wish to recognise. So with this is mind I thought I would share some of my Christmas images which make ideal gift and present ideas.

Christmas jumpers

A trend these days is to celebrate the season by wearing a Christmas jumper or seasonal outfit. So why run the risk of turning up in the same outfit as a friend or colleague. This year you can own your own bespoke jumper or t-shirt featuring one of my individual designs.

This fun snowman design is sure to give off the Christmas vibe!

Unique Christmas Gifts and Cards.

If you are looking for something a little more subtle then one of my Christmas cards or stocking fillers may be more appropriate! This snowman and snowball designs can be purchased as cards, stickers or notebooks, posters and cushion, among other products.


Buy snowman designs from my Redbubble shop here. 

Buy Snowball designs from my Redbubble shop here.


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