Pink Carnations No 1 Selling Floral Art from Sara Sadler Photography

With 2017 coming to an end I have been looking through my floral art on Redbubble to review my sales for the year. I was curious to see which photographs were most popular with my customers.

Floral Art Stickers

My pink carnation flower has won the popular vote. In particular, the product of choice has been my stickers. These pink carnation stickers come in a 4 different sizes and are a low cost way of enjoying some beautiful floral art!

Pink Carnations and the message they send

You can buy Carnations in a wide variety of colours and they are one of the most popular flowers sold. However, the colour you choose could be sending out a message that you did not mean to send because each colour flower is said to have a specific meaning. You can send a pink carnation as a form of remembrance, as it is said to mean “I’ll never forget you”. Alternatively, pink carnations represent gratitude, so you can give them to say “thank you”. So I like to think that these traditional meanings behind the pink carnation adds a little more to these stickers.

Pink Carnation floral art stickers

Pink Carnation flower stickers


Psychedelic Carnation and Antique Stickers

Coming in a close second for sales in 2017 was my psychedelic carnation flower sticker , while the Antique Carnation came in third place.  I had a bit of fun with the editing these images, changing their colouring and making them less realistic.

Psychedelic carnation floral art stickers.

Psychedelic carnation flower stickers.


Sepia Carnation floral art sticker

Sepia Carnation flower sticker

Buy Some Floral Art Stickers

If you also like these stickers a you can find a featured selection of my sticker collection in my shop.


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