Getting in the Christmas spirit with festive family fun

With three days to go until the big day – there really is no excuse for not having that Christmas feeling. Today I thought I would share some of the festive family fun happening in the Sadler household.

Getting to my Christmas happy place.

With a Christmas Baileys in hand, the decorations up, and Gremlins on the TV – who couldn’t feel Christmassy? So that’s me settled in for the festive season!

Family festive fun

Christmas festive fun

It’s all about the kids!

The end of the school term has now arrived, but the school did provided some suitably festive fun to get the kids in the mood. We have had carols around the campfire and the traditional school fair.

This year my youngest has been learning about space and to end their “out of this world” topic the school arranged a stargazing evening. It was a lovely (if a little cold) event, where the kids were provided with a hot chocolate and biscuit on arrival, along with a tablet loaded up with a cool app to help them identify some of the constellations. My camera had to come along,  not for serious starscape photography as this is not something I have tried before. I just wanted to have a go at capturing something.

I was quite pleased with this slightly abstract/bokeh effect shot, particularly because I seem to have captured santa on a practise run!

flying santa

Santa flying among the stars!

Bring it on

Well it looks like we are all ready for the festivities. I hope you are too and that you all have a wonderful holiday season.

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