RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch

Counting our feathered friends and bird photography

Each year the RSPB carry out a nation wide survey to monitor the birds that visit our gardens. This event takes place at the end of January. For me this survey gives me the opportunity to sit quietly and do a bit of bird photography.

This year the Big Bird watch falls on the 26th and 27th January. The idea of this survey is to get an idea of how many birds are visiting our gardens and which species are the most common. To join in with this event you can visit the RSPB website.

Bird Photography - Close up of a robin gathering insects for food.

Robin Red Breast

Annual event

I first carried out this survey a couple of years ago and only had 2 birds visit me – both were pigeons! 

Since then I have been fortunate to spot some more interesting species, such as house sparrows, robins and blackbirds.

BIG Bird Count.

The survey is taken by over half a million people in the UK. It is the largest survey of its kind in the World!  Counting the birds is really important as it helps the RSPB to monitor bird activity. They also track any changes in species and bird numbers. 

It is easy to log your count with the RSPB – just pop along to their website where you can submit your results. 


Bird Photography

If you love images of our garden birds, you may want to take a look at the bird section on my website. These photographs are available to buy as prints, cards and gifts. 


I want bird photographs!




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