The Room – The Best Worst Movie ever made!

Today I thought I would share something a little different with you. Last week I went on a rare date night with the other half. This was no ordinary date night though – we were off to the big smoke to watch “the best worst movie ever made” – The Room!

Q&A with Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero from The Room

Q&A with Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero from The Room

The Room

This film, made in 2003 had developed cult status for being the worst film ever made. Tommy Wiseau Wrote, directed and stared in The Room.  Tt is has become well-known partly due to it being surrounded by some mystery.

The film cost $8,000,000 to make which Wiseau funded himself.  There has been much speculation about where he got this money.

Due to the cult nature of the film, Wiseau has now recouped his losses and has actually made a profit from it! He now attends screenings, such as the one we went to last Friday!

The Disaster Artist

In 2017 the film  “The Disaster Artist’ was released in cinemas. This film was based on a book by Greg Sestero. He is a friend of Tommy and also co-stared in “The Room”. This film tells the story of what happened behind the scenes on the making of The Room.  

So what happened?

We were booked in to watch the midnight screening of The Room.  I am not going to lie to you, being a parent of two, working a part-time job, and building up my photography business, I was concerned as to whether I would be able to stay awake that late! I am not a young as I once was, and regularly fall asleep on the sofa in front of a good film (that’s the really sad thing – they are usually really good films, that I really want to watch). 

So the plan was to catch the first train up to London after work, check into the hotel, have a little “down time” before going out to grab a late dinner. 

Me with Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero!

Me with Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero!

The Room – my review.

We were keen to meet Tommy and Greg so we arrived at the cinema 45 minutes early. I thought it would be a bit miserable waiting in the cold for 45 minutes, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The time flew by! I think it helped that we got chatting to some fellow cinema-goers, sharing our knowledge of the film and our spoons (more about that later!)

So we found our seats and then headed back to the auditorium. This is where we got to meet Tommy and Greg and get a photo. After that we took our seats and waited for the Q&A. 

As Tommy and Greg took to the stage they were showered with single red roses. Having not seen the film all the way through at this point I was a little confused, however it soon became apparent that this was a reference to the main character “Johnny” who uses a red rose to seduce his girlfriend during his love scene. A love scene which is used not once, but twice in the film! 

So the film began and I have to say I needn’t have worried about staying awake! The atmosphere was brilliant, everyone was up for a laugh and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

There was a great deal of audience participation, without it getting silly or ruining the experience. At one point, during the aforementioned love scene we even had a streaker run up on the stage and so some acrobatics! 

So what is it with all the spoons?

So I promised to tell you about spoons! We were armed with our packet of spoons, because we had been told of a tradition that takes place during the film. For some reason in the background of several shots there is a framed photograph of a spoon. A tradition has begun where the audience shout out spoon and throw spoons at the screen whenever the framed picture appears! It would have been rude not to comply with tradition! 

The room – A homage

It turns out I am not alone in my love for this movie. All over Redbubble many artists have put their own interpretation on this film, including this fun T-shirt:

The Room - T-shirt homage

The Room – T-shirt homage


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