My behind the scenes video – editing flower photographs

Today I thought I would take you behind the scenes and share a glimpse my process of editing flower photographs. I have created a short video to show you the transformation from the off camera photograph to the final piece of art.

Behind the scenes – editing flower photographs

I have created this screen shot of my work process. Because my processing work takes a very long time (I probably spend 10% of my time taking the photographs and 90% editing them) I have put this video at high-speed. 20 times faster in fact, so it should make it a little more interesting to watch. 



I set up this gerbera flower in my photography light tent. These tents are fairy cheap to buy, or I have known people make their own using a cardboard box and tracing paper! The tents give a diffused and consistent light across the object you are photographing.  

For this set up I placed the flower on a large sheet of white paper which bounces back some of the light. It also makes a simple background to edit with later in the process. I have a couple of studio lights set up on each side of the tent which gives the image enough light, but also helps to reduce unwanted shadows. 

Editing Flower Photographs

I am a big fan of Lightroom and Photoshop which I use to store and edit my photographs. I know lots of people love the completely natural look that you can get from a Jpeg image straight off the camera. But for me I love the process of playing around with an image and making it a piece of art to hang on your wall.

First, I import the images into Lightroom and make some basic adjustments to exposure and select my lens correction profile. Once I’m happy with this I click on the “edit in Photoshop” selection to import my image into Photoshop for editing.  I start by ensuring I’m happy with my adjustment my tweaking these settings in the camera RAW filter. Next I remove any unwanted elements such as dust spots on the lens or specs of dirt on the petals using the spot healing tool. With this floral image I first cut out around the flower and fine tune this with the masking tool. Once I am happy with the cut out shape I add a background layer with textures to create some interest. 

Any questions?

I realise that this is a very basic overview of how I edit photographs. So if you have any questions about how I process my images I am happy to answer them. You can contact me through my website or using any of my social media pages. 

What can I buy?

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