How to identify wildlife with the best seasonal nature tips (+ Free Spring Nature Photography ebook)

I love nature and wildlife. I also love photographing the flora and fauna I discover on my photo walks.  It has taken me many years to learn the different species I am looking at when I am out and about on my photo walks. It has also taken me a long time to learn how to get great photographs of them.This is why I have produced a guide to Spring Nature Photography.

Inspired by Nature

Over the last couple of years I have been sharing my discoveries with you on this blog. As I have gathered a huge archive of nature photographs I thought it would be a great time to collate some of this information into a handy ebook. You may have read about my Spring Sitings here in my blog a couple of weeks ago. Here I give a brief overview of what you can expect to see at this time of year. This inspired me to create this guide which goes into a little more depth and give you more information.

The Guide to Spring Nature Photography

In this ebook I go into more detail about what you can look out for and give some photography hints and tips to capture some great images. I have split this guide into four sections which cover my different interests. You can read more about Flowers, Animals, Insects and Birds in each of the sections. I only cover spring in this guide as there was too much to include if I were to include the whole year. 

This is a handy informative guide to anyone interested in finding out more about what they can see at this time of year. Whether you are wondering what flowers are coming into bloom, or which birds you are most likely to spot this guide is for you. It is not just for photographers – anyone who loves nature can enjoy this ebook. However, most people have a camera these days – whether you love taking pictures on your phone or have a DSLR. So to help you get the most from your camera I have added in some hints and tips for getting some great photographs. 

Guide to Spring Nature Photography


I have illustrated this guide with my own photographs to help you identify what you a looking at. To give you a little more idea about what you can expect from this ebook here is a page featuring spring flowers:

Guide to Spring Flowers


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