Where to see Beautiful Spring Flowers in the UK

Spring is now officially here and it is time to find out where to see beautiful spring flowers here in the UK.

Beautiful Spring Flowers

Spring is probably the most colourful season, with all the blossom on the trees and new flowers coming into bloom. It is certainly my favourite season. 

Where to spot flowers

The great thing about spring is that you cannot really miss spotting a colourful array of flowers. Whether you make a dedicated visit to a park or gardens, or keep a look out on roadsides as you travel around. It is very easy to spot some of the more common spring flowers.

Seasonal flower


One of the most recognisable flowers that you will see in spring is the Daffodil. They come in a range of yellows, whites and oranges and create a wonderful bed of colour. You are  most likely to spot a cultivated variety of Daffodil have been cultivated over the years, so the variety we see tends to be one of these. The wild daffodil can be spotted naturally in some parts of the country, for example in Wales and Herefordshire. These usually grow in clumps in woodlands or meadows. The wild Daffodil is smaller than other varieties and has paler yellow petals with a dark centre.

Spring Daffodil flower

Spring Daffodil flower



Grape Hyacinth

Another distinctive flower is the grape hyacinth. This flower has a “grape-like” appearance with the small flowers cluster onto a stem. They are most commonly blue and found in public gardens. 

Grape hyacinth flower

Grape hyacinth flower



These beautiful blue/purple flowers are most commonly seen in woodlands. There are two varieties of bluebell – the native and the spanish. The Spanish Bluebell was introduced into the UK by the Victorians. Unfortunately the spanish variety spreads very easily causing the native bluebell to die out.

The native bluebell can be identified as it has a “droopy” stem with “bell-shaped flowers. Also, the ends of these petal roll back. Here is an example of the native bluebell:

A close up of a native British bluebell

The Native British Bluebell


The Spanish bluebell is more upright and has a more open flower. It also has no scent. Here is a photograph of the Spanish Bluebell:

Close up of Spanish bluebells

Spanish Bluebells


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