Lurking vermin captured in surprisingly vulnerable photograph snaps up award

While out and about on one of  my photo walks last month I chanced across a family of brown rats. Here is how I captured an award-winning rat image. 

Cute Rat Image

Now that  may seem like a bit of a strange title – can a rat really be cute? We generally think of them as vermin and pests who carry diseases. However on this particular photo walk I enjoyed watching them scurrying around the roots of a tree. There were several rats dipping in and out of holes and running up and down the tree trunks. And as they poked their heads cautiously out of their holes looking for food, they did look quite cute! 


Rat image gets bronze award

Rat image gets bronze award

Bronze Award

I was excited last week to find out that this particularly cute image received a bronze award in the guild of photographers image of the month competition. I am guessing it is the “look to camera” that might have won the judges over on this occasion! 

Duck and Rat

We have all heard the term cat and mouse – but on this walk I spent some time watching a game of Duck and Rat. They were all attempting to eat the seeds that were falling from bird feeder above them. Although the duck was giving it a good go – I’d have put my money on the rat!


A game of duck and rat

A game of duck and rat


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