I’ve got a ticket to Ride…..

….but I do care! This week I was lucky enough to go and see the band “Ride”. 

Rocking out to Ride

On another rare night out for the Sadlers, the last you may remember was our trip out to see The Room. This time we were fortunate to get tickets to see a 90s reformed band. 

Now, anyone who knows me will know my love of the 90s – I was very much part of that shoe-gazing, indie, rock scene. I am also very lucky to live near a venue that has rekindled the sound of the 90s. Over the last few years we have seen Pete Fij and Terry Bickers (from Adorable and House of Love), and Chris Helme (from the Seahorses) to name a few. When it was announced that Ride were going to be playing, the tickets were snapped up extremely quickly.

Can they still rock it?

It was an AMAZING night! I felt I like I had been transported back to the 90s – a time when you’d end up having “deep and meaningful” conversations with complete strangers. Putting the world to rights and connecting over a love for the same music. The band were fantastic, the venue was amazing and the crowd were on top form. 

Here are a few snaps I captured on my iPhone (excuse the quality!)

Ride playing on stage in Worthing

Ride playing on stage in Worthing


Ride playing on stage in Worthing

Ride playing on stage in Worthing



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