Grape Hyacinth Flowers Bronze award

This month I played it safe by entering some more of my florals into the Guild of photographers Image of the Month competition. So I thought I would tell you more about my Grape Hyacinth Flowers Bronze award.  I entered two of my grape hyacinth images and my Pink Hellebores flower. Flower photography is my favourite genre. I have been enjoying playing around with my photographs lately altering backgrounds and giving the flowers a softer pastel look. 

The Grape Hyacinth flowers were kept simple with their plain white “high-key” background. 

How I captured this image

These flowers made up an arrangement of indoor plants which made it much easier for me to get a lovely photograph. This allowed be to control the lighting and not worry about weather conditions. I set this up in my studio with my light pad behind the plants. This creates a lovely even white light as a background. I set up a reflector in front of the flowers to reflect some of this light back. I used my 100mm macro lens set at f 20 to give myself a large focal range, and 1/20 sec. My camera was on a tripod to prevent camera shake. 

Photographic spring flowers. 

Spring flowers make an easy subject to photograph – they bring a splash of colour into our lives at a time when we are all more than ready to see them. I have talked previously on my love for Spring flowers. You can read more about this here.  

Grape Hyacinth Flowers Bronze award

I was really pleased to receive a bronze award for my grape hyacinth flowers. 

Bronze award for Grape Hyacinth flowers

Bronze award for Grape Hyacinth flowers

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